Where to earn money on the Internet

Hello, dear friend! Perhaps you have covered the expanses of the Internet on the Internet in search of where on the Internet to make money online tips.  Perhaps already faced with scammers who offer a quick way where to earn money on the Internet, and eventually cheating and even burned and lost their money, but the idea of earning on the Internet gives you peace because you know that earnings on the Internet are real. “After all, do other people manage to do this?”

Once I, like you happened to ask this question, I began to study all possible types of earnings on the Internet, and I filled a bunch of cones before I understand which of them make sense, and which should not be considered.

So, let’s talk about where on the Internet to make money.

Earnings requiring professional skills

By acquiring certain skills of work, you can master one or two specialties in demand in the Internet space, such as project manager, web designer, web designer, SEO optimizer and others. And then start to earn much more money

Remote worker or simply freelancer


Who is a freelancer and how to make money?

Freelancer is a remote employee who performs one-time works or projects and works for himself without leaving home.

The work of a freelancer is somewhat like work in an office, only in this case you do not have to walk or go to work in cramped public transport and even more so pay for travel because your workplace is your apartment, house or cottage. In general, remote work is work from home

Freelancers do not even have to have a website or blog since its main task is to do the work for the customer.

To find a customer, a freelancer can register on existing freelance exchanges, which are quite a lot today, for example, fiverr.com, Freelance.com, odesk.com, and many others or also independently search for the customer.

Of course, it’s much easier to find a customer on the freelance exchange, because there is already an established system of work, but there are some disadvantages, for example, a huge competition among freelancers who already have a huge reputation, their portfolio, feedback, another minus is that, with the remuneration of various fees for the use of this service.

Freelancer newcomer, I would certainly recommend starting, it is with the service, but in the future, you can earn a base of regular customers: make your original portfolio, a website for your professional services, and also an author’s blog, if there is time left for it.

The most important recommendation for working for freelance exchanges is to leave as many applications for projects as possible. Not even the name of any reputation you can take your first order – checked by me! And after getting positive feedback and everything goes on the go it will go.

Do not expect a lot of orders and money, but in time there will be orders and money.

Having mastered this niche and having acquired through the year another experience, you will never ask the question ” where to earn money ?”, Since you will always have the answer to this question.

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